Na Cama (2011)

Video Installation, produced by the artistic duo JoJota, composed of Julia Zamboni and Julia Gonzales


Jo and Jota are two characters which symbolize each of the artists.  In this piece, two dolls resembling the artists are laid on their doll’s bed, in front of a TV from the 80’s. The TV shows a pixelation video performed by the artists dressed as old dolls, with fragments of intimate behavior between the characters, such as brushing each other’s hair. These characters are represented in virtual and embodied versions, and they play with a childhood imaginary of intimate and perverted situations.

Incidental Music: Villa Lobos



Sonia Paiva supervising professor of the project

Luciana Newton frame photographer

Abel Camargo Playing the piano

Alessandro Correa Playing the guitar

Andre Gonzales

Parque de Produções